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IDC Analyze the Future Interactive Industry Report

The Importance of Assessing Your Business Performance

The old management adage, "You can't improve what you don't measure," has never been more important. As we move through the ups and downs of the business cycle, it is imperative for organizations to continually assess how well they are performing.

Expectations have been raised for businesses to be more innovative, grow more revenue, and operate more efficiently. The customers and constituents they serve are more connected, sophisticated, and knowledgeable. Managing your performance in this environment must be based on evidence, not intuition, which means measuring performance against industry peers.

The objective, fact-based questionnaires and assessment reports found in this tool were written by vertical-market analysts from research firm IDC Insights and compiled from real-world objective data. The performance-ranking system — Leading, Industry Norm, and Trailing — used in the assessment reports has been derived from extensive, independent market research and deep industry expertise.

These assessment reports provide key benchmarks for industry performance, and will enable organizations to set targets, improve business practices, and create a roadmap for successfully achieving their goals. We invite you to enter this tool and measure your business performance.

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